Valley Juice Co. DBA Jamba Juice


The Problem

Valley Juice came to us looking for an easy way to connect their employees across the stores. They own over 20 Jamba Juices in the Bay Area and wanted a way for the employees to connect with the company on a local level. Valley Juice does a good job of connecting highlighting individuals for their hard work and going above and beyond for the community.

They had tried other efforts but did not get significant engagement. They have a lot of employee turnaround and as a result, not many of their employees feel connected to the company due to their short tenure. 

Our Solution

We worked with Valley Juice to create a print newsletter that highlights the monthly activities and achievements across the franchise stores owned by Valley Juice Co. 

We went with a print newsletter rather than an email for visibility purposes. The newsletter is printed and mailed to each store at the beginning of the month and is displayed in their break room.

The newsletter features monthly highlights, employee, photos, and company updates. We include any standout reviews that they receive and show the new corporate campaigns.​ The newsletter has been a success, it has engaged employees across the stores and connected them.

The Valley Juice Press

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