SunPower by The Solar Quote

Website Redesign & Additions

The Problem

SunPower by The Solar Quote came to us after they did a rebranding with SunPower.

They wanted to redesign & update their website so that they could start using it as a way to generate leads.

The website that they were using was not optimized to be a source of leads for the company. They had outdated information and broken links. The website served as a business card for them but was not retaining customers or bringing in new traffic.

Some of their specific needs were:

  • Consistent branding with corporate image

  • Update business information

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • A blog with updated information about solar

  • Landing pages & contact forms

  • Showcase community efforts


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Our Solution

We worked with SunPower by The Solar Quote to understand their business and what made them different from other SunPower dealers. We additionally decided to add focus to their referral program and customer reviews. In redesigning their website, we made sure to meet the SunPower branding guidelines that they had been given. 

We redesigned the website using the original content as a framework and adding to it with new and additional information.

Some of our work included:

  • updated the business information and added the new logo.

  • created call to actions with links

  • added a blog to the website that has updated information about solar.

  • created specific contact landing pages for their different service areas.

  • removed the social links that were not relevant to them or they were not using.

  • added links to their referral application as well as an informational page on their referral program.

  • added a reviews page that gathers many reviews to showcase on one page. 

  • optimized pages for search engines & updated directory listings