The Best Real Estate Facebook Pages & How You Can Steal Their Strategies

As a real estate agent one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged is by posting the right content on social media. Its a perfect way to show your authentic side, share fun photos, and show behind the scenes videos to help your audience get to know you. With that in mind, if your goals to leverage social media to get more clients, then read on. We've outlined the simple strategies the best real estate Facebook pages are using and how you can apply them to your page. Check it out...

What Makes a Great Facebook Page for Real Estate Agents?

A great Facebook business page does more than just promote a property with a picture and a “buy here” button. In fact, the best ones stick with the 80/20 ratio of engaging content to promotions. In other words, for every 8 fun posts, they make 2 that directly promote a property or deal.

I know that doesn’t sound like much but don’t worry, we’ll cover how realtors can bend the rules a little to promote and be social at the same time later in this post.

For now, just get familiar with the basic elements of a great Facebook page. They’re relatively simple and the rules apply for most other social media channels as well.

Here’s the 3 critical elements of a great Facebook page:

  1. It's social

  2. Uses great photos & videos

  3. Maintains an identity (keeps the same tone and look throughout the page)

1. It's social

The first and most important part of your page is that it's social and encourages people to interact. Facebook rewards those posts that get higher likes, shares and comments by putting you in more feeds - which gains you even more likes, shares and engagement. That’s how posts go viral.

To keep your page social, avoid pushing promotions down peoples throats. Instead, share things that are both fun and related to your industry like tips and how-to's for example.

2. It Uses Outstanding Photos and Videos

When you’re thumbing Facebook, which do you look at first: words or photos? I'm guessing it's photos. So having and exceptional photo of a great home makes people stop, then read what you’re saying and then engage by liking, commenting or sharing.

If you’re short on photos, you can always share posts from related business pages like those of home design sites and travel pages. Sharing a sweet home design is always in style and it's related to what you do. Travel also speaks to the lifestyle and you get bonus points if you share an article that’s about fun things to do in an area where you sell homes.

3. It Maintains an Identity

You want to treat your page like it's a person and not a place to post everything you find interesting. The best FB pages have a singular tone and style (this applies to all social media accounts).

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook and seen a friend post something that you didn’t agree with? Maybe they expressed a political view or something religious you didn't agree with, for example. If you shared that, it wouldn’t be natural and it wouldn’t be consistent with the image you’re portraying so you scroll past it. Keep it similar on your FB real estate pages.

By posting things like nice homes, bright photos, design tips, sharing useful real estate related articles you’re coming across as the “helpful guide” rather than the hard salesperson. The helpful guide tonality is much better received and feels more trustworthy when it comes to big decisions like buying homes.

If you're unclear on the tone of your page, you may want to sit down and come up with a set of simple rules before moving forward. For example:

  • Never use curse words or slang

  • Always use contractions (it’s vs it is) to keep it conversational and social

  • Photos must be bright and consistent with the page

  • Etc.

Those are just a few potential guidelines but you can come up with more for your brand. Buffer’s done a great job of boiling tone down to a four quadrant image that can help you develop your style:

To use this chart, you would decide the character first and then the tone, language, and purpose. So as a realtor, you could be authoritative, personal, savvy, and engaging. Take a few minutes to establish your brand image and you can cut through the social noise to help potential clients get to know you before you ever meet them in person.

How to Promote Your Facebook Page

As a realtor, there’s a great strategy for being both fun and promotional at the same time (80/20 rule). If you have great homes for sale, a simple picture of the home or a beautiful room in that home can garner interest, likes and engagement. And you can do this without the post being directly promotional.

All you do is take a decent photo and post it with an inspirational quote, fact, or question about the house like “what’s your favorite thing about craftsman style homes?". Look at how Better Homes & Garden took a photo of a cute house and wrote a simple comment about it:

As a realtor, this could be a house you’re showing and since it’s not promotional or asking for the direct buy, it counts as a fun post. Just be sure not to make all the “fun” posts about your houses unless you live in Beverly Hills where every homes stunning. If that's not the case for you though, its a good idea to mix in a few mansions and island houses to keep things interesting.

Posting great home photos makes people naturally want to share and engage. The photo above, for example, was shared 64 times with 24 comments. As a realtor, some of those commenters are bound to be interested in buying or know someone who is.

Beyond just posting homes, post images that promote a lifestyle associated with your area. For example, if you sell homes on the beach, take photos of beautiful water and palm trees to post on your social media accounts. If you’re in the mountains, post photos of trees, hiking and snow. Retirement community? Take photos of the golf course.

Basically, become a phone-tographer and always be on the lookout for cool photo opps in and around your area. People will naturally appreciate and like these images which can massively boost your engagement and popularity.

The Top Real Estate Facebook Pages

Here's 3 of our favorite real estate pages on Facebook right now. From a marketing perspective, these pages are doing things right and we'll break down how you can apply these strategies to your business.

1. Rent to Own Homes

Rent to own homes is using a number of smart strategies that you can also use on your page. For one, they’re using a video header that, to be frank, isn’t all that great - but it does get the point across. You can easily use this on your real estate page too. Simply take photos of all your best properties and use an app like Animoto to add effects and transitions to your photos. Just like that you have a video for your header.

The next thing they’ve done is to pin a video post to the top of their feed. The video clearly explains the benefits of doing business with them and their unique value proposition. That’s the first thing you see when you begin to scroll their page. To apply this on your site, simply make a short 1-2 minute video explaining who you are, what area you serve and why you’re the person to come to.

If you need help coming up with your unique proposition, here’s a few templates to get you started.

Then, you can simply set up your iPhone and film yourself speaking out the information you’ve written. If you need help or feel like it's too technical, give us a call and we can help you out. Once you’ve finished your video, pin it to the top of your feed and you’re good to go.

As you scroll down their page further, you can see they’re applying the strategy of posting a simple image to encourage engagement:

There's nothing directly promotional about this post. It's simply a cute quote and a slightly raw looking image. Yet it has 489 likes, 77 shares, and dozens of comments. Something interesting about this page is that they don't have very many posts at all. This means they're running ads to their page. For any business page, you should always be running ads since Facebook likes to crush the reach of business pages.

They're not a great example of a page that prides themselves on fresh content but I included this to show you what can be done with even a very simple Facebook page since they currently have over a million likes!

2. Homes by Krista

There’s a few really fun and cool things Krista’s doing on her page that make her trustworthy and engaging. As you begin scrolling down her page, one of the first things you'll notice is that she has her services, areas she serves, and free offers to generate leads:

Immediately you know if she's in your area and you have to option to get a free home analysis. After the free analysis, who do you think they'll use as their agent? You can do the same by adding your services directly on your page (here's how).

Scroll a little further and you'll notice two more things. The first is that she uses lots of video content. But she's not just making boring videos about herself in a room talking. Instead, she's going around her community and creating fun videos with other local businesses.

One example is a fun video she took with a local restaurant owner demonstrating how to make on of their famous cocktails. It's both fun and promotional. Plus, who do you think that business owners going to use to buy his next mansion? He also talks to hoards of people and he's very likely recommend Krista when real estate comes up in conversation. With this strategy she's killing multiple birds with one stone and keeping her social media page fun and engaging.

The second thing is that she's making unique and inspiring quote posts with her name on them. These posts are easy to make and when they get shared, they have her name directly in the image. You can do the same by using a free program like canva that makes it super simple to add images with quotes over them.

3. Zillow

There's no doubt you've heard of Zillow if you're in the real estate game. They're one of the leading websites for helping you find homes for purchase, rental and selling. I peruse their app just for fun sometimes to check the prices of homes in different areas.

There's a few strategies Zillow uses that you can too. As soon as you land on their page you'll notice the big call to action button "shop now". You can easily install a button on your Facebook page with that or another call to action that leads to your website.

As your scroll down their page you'll see they're using exclusively videos for their content. What makes their videos great is that they're not just posting virtual tours of houses. Instead, they're sharing tips for taking care of your house, unique and fun homes, and remodel before and afters to name a few things - and its working well for them. Check out this post:

Its just a video with simple solutions for cleaning your home and it has over a 1,000 likes, 233k views, and dozens of comments. The lesson here? Take some time to find, make and share videos related to real estate like cleaning tips, lifestyle tips, traveling tips, etc. Each of these topics speak to people who buy homes and they're engaging. Zillow has clearly figured this out and they've been rewarded with more than a million followers.

Tools for Promoting Your Page

You're probably wondering how you can manage regular social media updates with your busy schedule. Worry not because we have a few tools you can start using to update your Facebook page today.

For scheduling posts: We use Buffer which connects to your Facebook and other social media accounts and automatically posts things you've scheduled. For example, I can spend an hour on Sunday to make my posts for the next week or two and then forget about it. The posts you schedule will drip out on the days and times you've set them for. Buffer also connects to Pinterest, Google +, Linkedin and more.

Additionally, you can creep on the pages we've highlighted above to see what's working for them and then duplicate their strategy on your page - if you're looking for post ideas.

If you're searching for inspirational ideas for ads, check out adespresso's ad gallery. They have thousands of ad images from thousands of industries which you can search for free to get ideas.

With these tools you'll have everything you need to make your posts for the month and schedule them in advance. Adespresso can help you with ideas for ads, creeping on the pages we've mentioned can help you with ideas for posts, and then you can use Buffer to schedule things in advance for all of your social media profiles.


As a quick recap, your Facebook page should be social - meaning its not all promotions. You want to take great photos and videos to keep people watching and get more shares. And your page should maintain one singular tone and style throughout.

Armed with the tips we've outlined in this post, you should soon be able to rank yourself as one of the best Facebook pages for real estate agents. Moreover, if you do it right, you should begin getting more leads and engagement on your posts.

And, finally, if you need help executing on this strategy, Creatives by Chelsey has social media packages to get things moving for you so give us a call.