5 Tools to Actually Automate Your Social Media Marketing

Shiny object syndrome...

that’s what I call it when I get “squirreled” onto the next product that promises to run the business while I'm drinking Mai Tai's on the beach somewhere...

why can’t it ever be that easy???

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it is right now...

In fact, we have 5 tools you can pick up and use today with no tech learning curve. Yes, you’ll still have to make the content (AI isn’t that good yet) but at least you can put the rest on autopilot…

Let’s look at each in turn...

1. Buffer

At the top of our list is Buffer. This handy-dandy little app lets you upload your content all at once and then drips it out to your social media channels.

Yes, it's similar to Hootsuite and the host of other tools that do the same thing.

BUT...Buffer has a very clean interface, has a great chrome extension and let's you share to all of your social accounts at once. Lots of other tools don’t have Instagram sharing (which is a pretty popular social media channel…).

That means you have to either manually publish or find another tool that handles this for you...which kind of negates the automation thing we're going for here.

What also separates Buffer is that they produce epic content on social media marketing which is great if you’re new to the marketing game and need help with strategy.

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo has been a contender in social media marketing for quite some time.

There’s a reason...

This quick and easy tool shows you popular posts based on shares for any keyword you enter.

For example, I can type in “social media marketing” and get back a list of the most shared content about social media marketing.

From there, you can create an updated and better piece of content with near certainty that it's going to perform well on social media. You can publish it on your blog, share it on social and then put some money behind the post to drive more traffic.

Further, Buzzsumo lets you see who the top sharers of each piece of content are.

So, with a little elbow grease you can contact those people who are likely to share your content as well.

I realize this post is about automation so we’ll call this a bonus step since it's not something that can be automated but it can help you get more traction...

Here’s how…

Once you find the top sharers, go to their twitter page, other social pages, and do some googling to find their email address.

Then email them:

Hi [name],

I’m reaching out because I noticed you shared [piece of content they shared].

That’s a good piece but it's missing [topic or point they’re missing]. Which inspired us to make an updated version that covers the topic more in depth with updated action steps.

Here it is so you can check it out [link to your article]

If you’re up for sharing it, that would be amazing!

If not, no worries ;)


[your name]

Obviously you don’t want to send that exact template but you get my drift.

Some of the people will share you post which is going to drive more traffic and [hopefully] more shares.


Ever struggled to find content worth sharing?

Enter Feedly. This little tool is more than just an RSS feed, it's a way to get in front of industry trends. To set it up, you just add the RSS feeds of the industry leading websites in your niche.

Each day Feedly puts everything into a neat little magazine style feed that’s organized by topics.

From there, you can see what the big guys in your field are speaking about and shift your own content marketing strategy to get in front of the topics. It’s also known as “news jacking”.

Back to automation though, Feedly integrates with Buffer and Hootsuite so you can share interesting content directly from the app. It’s the perfect tool in a pinch since you can quickly scroll through and grab something interesting to post.


You’ll need high quality images to post on social.

Even if you take most pictures yourself, there may come a day when you want a decent pic and don’t have one ready.

This is where Unsplash comes in. It's a community of people who take really nice images and then put them here for anyone to use.

It doesn’t cost you a dollar and you’re free to use them any way you see fit.

Additional photo sites we like are:

  • Pixabay

  • Shopify Burst

  • Pexels


You have a stock photo but a lot of other people might have that same one...how do you add your own flare?

That’s where Canva shines. You can set up a free account, drag your photo over and get to work.

Canva lets you adjust the properties of your photos, add filters, put text and shapes over them and more.

And social media posts are just the tip of the iceberg here. Canva has lots of premade designs, it lets you resize images, and has predefined sizes for your images (i.e. facebook templates, instagram templates, etc.).


If you leverage the tools above, you’ll quickly discover that you don’t need the newest product every time one promises a unique feature.

Your social media marketing tools only need to be simple and above all, they need to make your life easier and your efforts more effective.

That comes down to automatically publishing, quick photo edits, and knowing what content works. Then it's just putting everything together and scheduling your posts once a week. You’ll still have to do a little searching and put your posts together but the things above should cut your time in half and (hopefully) double your effectiveness.

Now that you have a suite of free tools to use to amp up your social media marketing game, let me know your favorite tools and why. Also, do you have any questions we can help with?