15 Social Media Marketing Books That Will Blow You Away

When it comes to social media marketing, there’s a ton of information out there.

Fortunately, we’ve narrowed the millions of options down to the best social media marketing books currently available. With social media and any digital marketing, you have to be careful who you’re learning from. What worked yesterday might get you banned today.

That’s why we’re recommending the leaders in the industry with proven track records for success.

Keep reading for our highest recommendations on the top social media marketing books. Whether you’re a social media manager, small business owner, or just curious about social media marketing, we’ve got you covered.

1. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook - Gary Vaynerchuk

While it was was copy written in 2013, the information is still extremely relevant.

In his book, Gary Vaynerchuk covers topics such as:

  • Setting up your social media pages

  • The characteristics of great content

  • Telling great stories, how to tell stories on each social media platform

  • Different blogging platforms to leverage

  • The amount of effort you need to put in

  • And more

Chances are you’ve already heard of Gary Vaynerchuk since he is one of the kings of social media and one of the most prolific content creators around. He got his start on YouTube in the early days making videos about wine for his dad‘s company.

He took that company from around $2 million to over $60 million a year with his social media strategies. So if there’s one person to follow on social marketing, Gary Vaynerchuk is at the top the list.

2. Likable Social Media - Dave Kerpen

Likable social media is both the New York Times and USA today bestseller. The title of the book says it’s about "how to delight your customers, create an irresistible brand and be amazing on social media".

I can tell you this book definitely delivers.

It teaches you how to listen to your audience in order to figure out what it is that they want and then capitalize by creating content that gets likes and shares.

He teaches you how to think and act like your consumer so that you can leverage social media to sell more of your products. He also talks about authenticity, being transparent, and how to provide value for your ideal customers in a way that makes them want to like and share your social media products. He then ties it all back into selling products via social media which as you may know is not an easy task.

I especially love his messaging about being authentic.

Because after all, if you’re not authentic on your social media channels, there will come a day when you will do something “real” on your social media channel and lose a chunk of your following. However if your authentic from the very beginning, you’re creating an audience of true fans that will stick with you through thick and thin.

He also talked about how to respond to both negative and positive comments in an appropriate and expedient manner. One important factor when responding to comments on social media, especially negative comments is to keep it classy and never get into a war - especially on your business pages. This books a few hundred pages long and definitely worth the read.

3. Audience: Marketing in the age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers - Jeffrey Rohrs

Jeffrey Rohrs is an extremely advanced marketer. In this book he goes on at length about building your audience. In many cases building our audience and social media is more of an afterthought with most marketers being focused on likes and shares as the primary metric.

What Jeffrey says is you want to build an audience of true fans that are willing to purchase from you and talk about your company. Lots of likes does not necessarily translate into raving fans. With this book Jeffrey deep dives Into how to create your audiences and increase the value that you bring to them.

He also dives into the different social media channels that you can use such as Twitter, blogging, Google+, YouTube, and even SMS marketing. If you’re looking for a book on building a true following on social media, this makes for a great read.

4. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips - Andrew Macarthy

This is the perfect starting place for a beginning social media marketer. They’ve crammed 500 tips into just over 200 pages so that you can flip to any page and get to work on applying the tip. I like how this book is written in a very actionable style with no fluff and pure strategies that you can implement right away.

A great way to use this book is to start with the social media channel that you like and go through that chapter applying one tip a day or even one tip a week until you have it nailed down.

If you already have some experience with social media marketing and know quite a bit about it, you may find this book a little elementary at times. But no matter which level you’re at, there’s no doubt everyone can derive some useful social media marketing tips from this book.

5. Epic Content Marketing - Joe Pulizzi

Who doesn’t love content marketing? In this book Joe goes in depth about creating epic content. He started the Content Marketing Institute which is wildly successful so he’s more than qualified to teach on successful content creation.

He explains what epic content is, why you should be leveraging content marketing in your business, how to turn content marketing into a business model that generates sales, and a whole lot more about content marketing.

You maybe asking yourself what content has to do with social media marketing.

Creating one single blog post can be sliced up into many social media snippets that can be shared on your social media page. Epic content also drives organic traffic back to your website which can drive more leads and sales.

If you’re not yet familiar with content marketing, or you want to know how to do content marketing properly - this is a great place to get started.

6. The Lead Machine - Rich Brooks

The lead machine is a great book for small business owners who need to get started with digital marketing. It's a comprehensive book covering building, attracting, and retaining prospects to create what Rich refers to as “the lead machine”.

He walks you through planning for success from the organization of your website and writing your copy to basics of search engine optimization. He the dives into the essentials of email marketing to help you retain more clients and get more sales.

This book is right around 300 pages and it’s a great intro for any small business owner who wants a better understanding of digital marketing for their small business.

7. Everybody Writes - Ann Handley

Have you ever sat down to write and had your mind go blank?

In this book Ann Hadley deep dives into writing as a habit, not an art that requires inspiration. She goes into creating high-quality content, planning your content, developing your writing strategy, and creating a writing practice that never fails you.

Ann kept the book simple and actionable so that you won’t be overwhelmed and helps you become a more effective writer with easy techniques like “show don’t tell” and “approach writing like teaching”. If you feel like you’ve been struggling to create high-value content that people actually want to read, this is a perfect place to get some inspiration and practical strategies.

8. The Art of Social Media - Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick

The art of social media is a practical book that gets into the nitty-gritty of setting up your social media pages and gives you foundational strategies to apply.

While it’s important to experiment with your social media and try new things, you first need a baseline. This book offers you the baseline strategies you need to build the rest of your social media presence upon.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your profiles

  • How to create quality content

  • How you should respond to comments on your social media pages

  • How to leverage blogging on your social media

  • And a few less common but rock solid strategies such as running Google+ hangouts and how to avoid looking clueless on social.

If you don’t know about guy Kawasaki, he’s worked for Canva, Apple, Motorola, and UC Berkeley. And Peg is a social media guru who’s worked for Motorola, Google, Audi, Virgin, and Canva as well. Needless to say, they’re well versed in social media strategies that work.

9. Optimize - Lee Odden

Once you’ve picked your channels and started publishing on your social platforms, what do you do next?

This is where optimizing your social media channels comes into play. In this book Lee talks about specific strategies for taking your social media pages from stagnant to incremental growths that add up over the long-term. He dives into content strategies, The tools you need to drive real sales from your social media, and how to increase your pages overall performance.

Lee is an online entrepreneur with over 16 years of proven success, someone who understands how important it is to get an ROI from your marketing efforts, and a great person to listen to for your social media marketing.

10. Make it Rain! - Areva Martin & Phil Mcgraw

In make it rain, Areva teaches you how to develop consistent messaging across all channels so that you can build a brand that people actually remember. She dives into how she has booked speaking gigs on shows like CNN, MSNBC, Fox and more. And while most of us will never want to be on those talk shows, her book is a very appropriate read for small business owners with limited resources.

A few of the topics she highlights are finding your people, honing your page, building trust with your audience, how to properly engage, and how to leverage the connections you make.

Areva is a very successful business woman who has essentially documented all of her strategies and held nothing back in this compelling read. If you apply these strategies, it just might save you a decade of trial and error.

11. Crushing It! - Gary Vaynerchuk

Another great book by Gary Vaynerchuk is “Crushing It! how great entrepreneurs build their business and influence and how you can too”. This book is one of the only ones on this list the dives into more obscure social media channels such as Musical.ly and Snapchat.

While we don’t necessarily think you should use those channels unless you’re targeting the younger audience, Gary still dives into the more known social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

In the traditional Gary Vaynerchuk style this is a highly motivating read that makes you want to get up and post a bunch of stuff on social media. If you’re looking for a kick in the pants and a fresh new perspective on your social media marketing, this is a great place to get it.

12. Influencer - Brittany Hennessy

If your goal is to become a social media influencer and learn a lot more about Instagram marketing, influencer might be the perfect book for you. In this book, Britney dives into what people want to see on Instagram and what it takes to build a social following in general. You don’t have to be a celebrity and you don’t have to start with influence but you do have to do the work to build your following.

Specifically Britney dives into how to find your voice and create your content, how to get people to follow you, standing out from the crowd, getting noticed by brands, negotiating your prices, and a whole lot more.

If you’re curious about Instagram marketing, this is a great place to start and it’s one of the best selling social marketing books currently selling on Amazon.

13. YouTube Secrets - Sean Cannell & Benji Travis

Video is king and it’s only getting more popular. If you’re ready to jump into video marketing then you want to check out YouTube Secrets. In this book, Sean dives into the mindset you need to get comfortable on video, building out your YouTube channel, leveraging social media for your YouTube channel, and a whole lot more.

What’s great about this book as it applies to both the beginning video marketer as well as those who have been grinding on YouTube for years without getting the results you desire. The strategies outlined in this book also work equally well on other video channels because it’s all about creating great content and leveraging fundamental strategies that work.

14. One Million Followers - Brendan Kane

1 million followers is exactly like it sounds - A way to grow your following to 1 million followers. Brendan has worked with some of the worlds largest corporations and breaks down the strategies that he used with those corporations and on his own social channels.

He’s been able consistently grow the followers of many brands in various industries so these tactics will definitely work for you.

Throughout the book he breaks down how he gained 1 million followers, how to target your audience, how to test your ideas on social media, creating shareable content for social media, strategic alliances, and a whole lot more. Currently this is a top selling book on Amazon and worth the read.

15. Influence: They Psychology of Persuasion - Robert Cialdini

While this book isn’t directly tied into social media, it’s a great book for any small business owner, sales person, or smart marketer. In this book, Robert dives into the elements of persuasion, the law of reciprocity, and many other highly useful tactics for both Marketing and achieving greatness in life. This is one of our favorite books at the office and one that we encourage you to read if you have large life goals.

In Summary

Is it necessary to read all these books? Probably not. But if you want to develop your marketing skills and you want to read the best books on social media marketing, this list is where it’s at. The books in this category break down everything from Instagram marketing to YouTube marketing all the way down to musically and other obscure platforms where your audience may be hiding. By the time you finish these, you’ll be able to start your own social media marketing company if you wanted to.

Over to you...

Do you have a favorite social media marketing book? If so let us know about in the comments below.