The 5 best Facebook Business Pages and Why They’re Winning

A great Facebook business page captures new leads, builds a community and makes your business more relatable to your clients.

In fact, 81% of shoppers conduct research online before buying and 60% go to your business Facebook page before buying from you.

With that in mind, for a business to compete in today's market, its imperative to get your digital marketing dialed in.

But it's no longer as simple as posting a funny meme and getting clicks. These days Facebook's algorithm squashes everything you post on your business page so that you have to buy ads. Between 2012 and 2014 alone Facebook brought organic reach down to just 6% (from 16%) on most brand pages. And today your organic reach is hovering somewhere around just 2%.

Fortunately, there’s things you can do to boost your reach and engagement - both organically and to get the most from your paid campaigns. Let's look at companies doing Facebook right and see what you can apply to your site.

1. Shopify

Fans: 3,104,533

Why They're Winning

Shopify’s a brand you’ve probably heard of. But just in case you haven’t, they’re a software company selling full ecommerce solutions that you can build with little to no tech skills.

The first thing Shopify did right was to invest in content marketing. They write high quality blog posts packed with value on a regular basis and then share them to their email list and social media pages.

By sharing with their email list, they drive traffic to their website. Then they retarget those people on Facebook to increase their social engagement, likes and shares.

They’re not just posting blogs though. They mix things up by sharing podcast episodes and video testimonials from customers. The one below, for example, has almost ten thousand views, 75 likes and 11 shares.

How You Can Use it in Your Business

To follow Shopify’s lead, add value with every post. Whether its a short image quote, testimonial or blog, do your best to deliver value in everything. It doesn’t need to be groundbreaking but aim to include a key takeaway or quote that encourages sharing.

And if you really want to go deep, install the Facebook pixel on your site and try your hand at retargeting those visitors. With this strategy your engagement will definitely skyrocket.

2. Oreo

Fans: 43,130,491

Why They're Winning

According to Facebook's data, video (especially live) gets significantly higher engagement than other post types. And if you’ve used video on your page, you’ve probably already noticed this for your business too.

Oreos winning big time by leveraging video as a strategy to reach much wider audiences. Just this one video (below) of the new Oreo flavors received 229K views, 3,600 likes and 3,420 shares!

I can’t imagine eating a cherry cola Oreo - but that’s not the point.

A quick glance over their Facebook page reveals that most of their videos are short, almost gif style videos that wouldn’t be too complicated for a normal business to make. Further, they’re using fun and exciting colors and wording that speak directly to their audience.

How You Can Use it in Your Business

Start by leveraging video in your business and having fun on your social pages. Social media doesn’t have to be serious and, in most cases, it's better that you’re not.

Consider taking time to identify your ideal clients and begin making videos that speak to them directly. The Oreo audience is clearly fun loving and simple - so it wouldn’t make sense for them to post long videos or customer testimonials since that doesn’t resonate with their audience.

Oreos knows this and that’s why their short videos do so well.

Figuring out what your audience loves and putting it in front of them can make a powerful impact on your social engagement, likes and shares.

One thing that’s important to note is that most of Oreos videos are product centric, but yours don’t have to be. By all means, if you’re selling a product we strongly recommend making product based videos. But feel free to mix things up. Post live videos with events, customer testimonial videos or create a giveaway and post a video promoting it if it makes sense for your audience.

3. Patagonia

Fans: 1,258,898

Why They’re Winning

Patagonia is an outdoor apparel company that’s highly respected for their company culture and quality products. And a quick poke around their Facebook page shows us exactly what they’re doing right.

First, they’ve embedded their Instagram and Twitter feeds directly into their Facebook page which helps them get higher engagement on all social media channels. They also have a community link and they’re promoting events directly on the page (look in the above photo on the left side to see all their links).

There’s no doubt they’ve tested the conversion rates on these links so I’d bet they’re working for them and would probably work for you too.

Patagonia’s also using pictures and videos that match their audiences expectations. The person who enjoys outdoor apparel is someone who, what else, loves to get outside! So their marketing team posts captivating images with people having fun and doing awesome outdoor stuff.

And a result of posting these insane images they’ve been handsomely rewarded with follows and likes. Heck, their images are so good I had to like a few while I was checking out their page.

How You Can Use it in Your Business

To use Patagonia's strategy in your business you can start by posting high quality images of fun stuff that relates to your industry. Patagonia isn’t posting images of sweaters and jackets. They're posting pictures of a skiers ripping down a mountain - wearing Patagonia jackets.

There’s a big difference.

But you don’t need Patagonia’s marketing budget to use this strategy. All you have to do is brainstorm ideas that make sense in your market.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent selling homes in the Bahamas, post pictures of the beautiful islands, great restaurants, and the beach. You’ll get plenty of engagement on those photos and then you can slip a listing photo in the mix every few days.

If you’re selling a carpet cleaning service, post photos of sweet mansions, cool RVs, cute dogs with muddy footprints and other fun stuff. Then slip a deal offer in there every once in a while and see what happens.

4. Tony Robbins

Fans: 3,420,843

Why He’s Winning

Tony Robbins is a public figure with several businesses who speaks all around the world. He creates tons of YouTube videos, has regular events, blogs and media coverage. His audience ranges from advanced business owners to self-help seeking individuals.

So how can he possibly speak to this wide of a demographic? The marketing team at Tony Robbins is leveraging Facebook with a number of tactics that give everyone something to do on his Facebook page.

Immediately upon arriving, you’ll see the line of videos at the top with an attention grabbing red background and clear benefit infused titles. As you scroll further, he has an upcoming event pinned to the top and if you keep going you’ll see recent press coverage.

All these things combine to enforce one consistent message that speaks to everyone - Tony Robbins can help you and he’s extremely credible. As a result of his multifaceted social strategy, he gets millions of likes and engagement with his business.

How You Can Use it in Your Business

You don’t have to be world famous to use the same strategies as Tony Robbins. The key takeaways to use in your business are video, events, and publicity. If you haven’t started a YouTube channel yet, now’s a great time to get going.

You can share videos on your Facebook page, your blog and your social media pages (in addition to YouTube) giving you 4x the exposure from one piece of content - its a great investment.

Further, pinning your upcoming event to the top of your page gives you an opportunity to capture sign ups and, if you have press or media coverage, sharing that on your social pages builds credibility.

Taking this approach can add a level of trust and authority to your business and make a huge difference in the number of leads you capture from your Facebook business page.

5. Zappos

Fans: 2,351,654

Why They’re Winning

Zappos is an apparel business that prides themselves on impeccable customer service. Since they specialize in shoes mostly, and everybody loves shoes, they post engaging images of individuals wearing stylish kicks. They also post deals, mission driven posts such as helping those in need, fun videos and use bright colors.

Since everyone wears shoes, they use a good mix of images (both men and women) displaying stylish footwear, they share blogs on how Zappos is helping the world and they always respond to comments quickly.

Their customer service is what really sets them apart from the crowd though. They typically reply within a few hours (for a big company that’s impressive) and Zappos customers rave about their support. When I was on their page looking for an example to show you, I didn’t have to scroll far to find a fan:

How You Can Use it in Your Business

There’s a few quality lessons we can glean from how Zappos does social. First, customer service and a quick response time. Zappos typically replies within a few hours, they’re not afraid to have fun and they always use the person's name.

To apply this in your business, consider enabling push notifications on your phone.

Every time a message or comment comes through, you’ll get a notification so you can respond. As your business grows, you’ll want to hire someone to manage this for you though. Otherwise you’ll be anxiously tied to your phone at all times - which isn’t fun.

Another Zappos strategy you can use is product imaging and mission driven posts. Consider supporting a cause and posting about it. These posts tap into a different section of the market than just product posts. Look at Toms shoes for instance. They grew the company to huge success because they give a pair of shoes away for every pair sold - and they posted this mission everywhere.

Also consider images with people using your product and using colors that grab attention and stand out from the Facebook blue.

Key Takeaways From the Best Facebook Business Pages:

  • Identify your ideal client and create a customer avatar

  • Match your messaging with your market

  • Leverage video for higher engagement and shares

  • Use captivating images

  • Show people using your products and doing fun stuff

  • Consider filming and sharing testimonials

  • Insert color where it makes sense

  • Experiment with different links and calls to action on your page

  • Install the Facebook retargeting pixel

  • Provide exceptional customer service

  • Have fun and be creative


Facebook will continue to dwindle your reach with the goal of getting it as low as possible.

Unfortunately this means less engagement on your posts unless you pay to get the exposure - despite the fact that you’ve already done the hard work to get those likes.

However there’s a lot you can do to improve your brand awareness and leverage this powerful social media platform.

And while you may not have the deep pockets of a multi-billion dollar company, you can easily reverse engineer their strategies to grow a community of raving fans for your business.