5 Best Instagram Reposting Apps: No More Copy & Pasting

Sometimes we run out of our stuff to post on our Instagram pages or just feel like sharing someone else's awesome post…

But without a repost app you have to take screenshots, go into your library and then repost them to your Instagram page...unfortunately, it never looks as nice as it did…

Well don’t fret my friend because we’ve got the 5 best Instagram reposting apps for both ios and Android below.

Let's check them out...

1. Repost for Instagram

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Repost for Instagram is a solid contender for the android and ios user. With this app, all you do is scroll your feed to find something you like. Once you’ve found a post you want to share, you simply copy the share URL and post it into repost. From there, you can change the position of the attribution watermark and then #repost it in your Instagram feed.

It automatically gives credit to the original poster as well so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting upset.

2. Save and Repost for Instagram (Android)

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This handy little app lets you download Instagram photos and videos to your own library with one simple tap. From there you can crop images and repost them on your own feed.

The app automatically organizes your photos and videos by chronological order so you can quickly find what you’re looking for as well.

The main difference for save and repost is that it backs your feed up to their cloud based servers so you can access it from anywhere and restore your Instagram to an older version if desired.

But the drawback is that it's only available for android users right now.

3. Repost for Instagram (Android)

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Currently another Android only app, this simple app doesn’t come with as many features as the previous options but it's still a great choice for anyone who doesn’t care about the extra bells and whistles (most of which you probably wouldn’t use anyway).

They also have a quick start video on the app homepage that shows you everything you need to know about what the app does.

What we like about this app is that it's simple to get started and use. It’s also free to download and has a really intuitive design.

There is a downside to this app though. A few people have had issues with it freezing and it places a watermark on your photo. The watermark has a clear background though so at least it's not totally intrusive. Additionally, if you need the full features of the app you’ll have to purchase the upgrade

4. Repost and Save for Instagram (ios)

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This isn’t our favorite app but still worthy of mentioning. It allows you to repost Instagram stories which isn’t as easy with the other apps and it lets you share the photos/videos. However, this is a very basic Instagram reposting app that makes you buy the full version to unlock even the more generic features.

What we like about the app is that, as soon as you login, it shows you the feeds of people you follow. This makes it super easy to quickly grab something and repost it to your Instagram feed without the back and forth stuff. It also shows you their videos and stories so you can repost them - and it gives attribution automatically.

5. Repost it Whiz for Instagram (ios)

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Repost it Whiz for Instagram is something you can download and instantly start sharing with. It does post an attribution over the image/video but it's not a huge attribution logo so it’s not a big deal. Right now this apps only for ios users but it works great on both iPad's and iPhone's with the appearance being very intuitive and easy to understand.

The free version does have some ads but it's a free version and that tends to be how they make their money. With that said, it's a good option for an iPhone reposting app.


If you’re in the market for either a free or paid Instagram repost app, the ones above are all great options. Each has a free version you can download to try out. And if you like it, you can always upgrade to the paid version.

What's the best one? We like the Repost for Instagram app. Its available on ios and Android, free to download, and easy to use.

Do you have an app you like? Did we leave something off the list? Let us know in the comments below.