Nana Canna

Logo Creation

The Problem

Nana Canna came to us wanting us to create a logo & brand identity for them. They had a good idea of the direction that they wanted to go, but were unable to make it a reality. Nana Canna came to us with a painting that was their inspiration. The painting was "Water Serpents" by Klimt. The company is a women-focused cannabis subscription box. They wanted it to be feminine and delicate with the same colors from the painting and utilizing the shape of a woman.



Our Solution

We worked with Nana Canna closely to fully understand their vision. We studied the painting and talked with them about their ideas for the business. We originally created a logo with a bare woman, but after some targeted polling, we discovered that it was perceived as being too explicit. We added flowers across her to keep the feminine body shape but covering any potentially offensive areas. 

We took the colors from the painting and made a color palette that matched the mood of the brand. We focused on purple mainly because of its strong feminine vibes.

The client is very happy with the final result and we have worked to create a brand image that matches.

Final Logo

Nana Canna-01.png
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