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Creatives was previously known as Creatives by Chelsey as we wanted to pay homage to the woman who had the idea for this company, Chelsey Heil. Our first client joined us in 2016 and as we learned, we grew. In 2017, we officially became Creatives by Chelsey, became a corporation, and began hiring on more Marketing Coordinators. We currently have a team of six extremely hard-working women who have a wide range of skills. We have just about every aspect of marketing covered for you. From social media to graphic design we take on pretty much any project that your operations manager won't! By using Creatives your business can now have peace of mind that your marketing is handled. You will have a strong team of marketing professionals dedicated to ensuring your customer experience is enjoyable, portrayed that way online, and then ultimately producing new future business. 

Read more about our team members below.

The Creatives Team

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Chelsey Heil
Chief Executive Officer

Favorite Color: Gray     Harry Potter House: Gryffindor

Chelsey Heil is the CEO and founder of Creatives by Chelsey. She has worked in many different roles over the years and finally had the opportunity to start her own company. She knows how to assess the needs of a company and execute a marketing plan flawlessly. She is a mom to her daughter Aubrey and a small dog, Koda. If she isn't working, chances are she is at Disneyland.  We don't know how she does it all, but she does it well. 

  • Hates Celery

  • Very Thankful for Her Family

  • Free Willy was her Favorite Movie as a child

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Jennifer Burroughs
Chief Marketing Officer

Favorite Color: Coral/Salmon     Harry Potter House: Slytherin

Jennifer Burroughs is our number two and is not great at writing about herself. She does all things digital marketing and plays the tech support role sometimes. You can catch her hanging out with her Corgi, Django. He is our Chief Barketing Officer. His main contributions are cuteness and uncontrollable shedding. 

  • Fun Fact Enthusiast

  • Played Quidditch at Baylor University

  • Member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

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Daphne Jaurigue
Marketing Manager

Favorite Color: Pink     Harry Potter House: Slytherin

Daphne Jaurigue is Whitney Houston in all aspects of her life. She rocks customer relations and lead management. As well as any other task asked of her. She has an adorable shih-tzu puppy named, Stella! She and Stella take Gary, their boo to fun places on the weekends!

  • Dog Park Enthusiast

  • Obsessed with Crime Podcasts

  • Just Learned to Roller Skate & Enjoys Learning New Tricks

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Rachel Peterson
Marketing Manager

Favorite Color: Lavender & Gray     Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff

Rachel is our graphic designer and resident cat lady. Currently, only allowed one cat, a gray tabby named Lily, she peruses the internet in search of good cat videos and memes. She has over ten years of experience in graphic design and loves her coworkers and the work we do.

  • Collegiate National Handball Champion

  • Mom is from Ireland

  • Double Jointed

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Jenny Rivera
Marketing Manager

Favorite Color: Blue     Harry Potter House: Slytherin

Jenny describes herself as 'eclectic'. 

She is a colorful person that takes enjoyment from all things creepy, weird & strange. Her hobbies are Cannabis, art, astrology, and fashion. She loves to play dress up and likes to change her appearance frequently. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors and collects art, crystals, and glass.

  • Loves body modifications and tattoos

  • Recently fell in love with Roller Skating

  • Halloween is her favorite holiday

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Geneva Polendey
Marketing Manager

Favorite Color: Lavender     Harry Potter House: Slytherin

Geneva is our Social Media Coordinator. She enjoys the sunny weather and being outdoors. She’s either shopping, at the park, or at a coffee shop. She loves taking photos while she’s out and collecting them for herself and social media. Geneva has the cutest and biggest puppy named Deku. She plans to take her Great Dane on more road trips and adventures! 

  • Architecture inspires her creativity

  • Loves Astrology

  • Watches Paranormal Adventures and Conspiracy Theories in her free time

We enjoy working together.

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